Compilation of funny short cartoon 2016

We are hoping this movie will bring all of fun and happy to you. This short slapstick cartoon compilation is first season of BlueRiver.

=====Happy new year and all good things to you.=====

All of content was optimized for watching in mobile device as well as desktop environment. Graphic has been designed with colorful tone and adorable shape which would be best gift for kid and children. The story also being assessed carefully to ensure only family friendly content can be published. We also optimize length of each animation to ensure each seconds is worth to watch and doesn’t take too much time, data and money in case you are not using wifi.

If you have some interesting ideas about content of our short movies, we would be happy to hear those feedback in the comment section of our videos.

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Content claim:

All ideas and graphics are produced by BlueRiver cartoon. Time and location is not based on real condition. Story is fiction for comedy purpose.

Copyright claim:

All of sound effect has been download from free service and self produced such as: and you tube library


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